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911 screenshot
General Information
Title: 911
Uploaded on: August 20, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Jim
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 10
Amount of views: 1,811,408
As of: July 19, 2011
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911 is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on August 20, 2008. In it, Jim woke up, tied up, in a house he doesn't recognize and therefore calls 911. The 911 responder however is Shanaynay and she is not able to help him, eventually leaving him dead in the house.


Shanaynay is on the phone with a friend, to which she explains she stopped working at CraigDonald's because she was paid only minimum wage there. She's referring to the Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell video. She says she's now working as a 911 responder. She also says she might shine in Oprah one day, because she's "saving lifes". However, in 2011, the long-running Oprah series concluded.

While talking, she gets another call, telling her girlfriend to "wait just a second".

On the line is Jim, who starts yelling "Help me!" at Shanaynay. However, on that she replies: "Why is it that people on the cellphone they think they need to yell at me like I am fucking Helen Keller?" This is her second reference to Helen Keller, her first being in Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell.

Shanaynay wants the man to spell his first name and then asks for his last name, which is "Makenroll". When Jim starts spelling "M - A - K", Shanaynay doesn't understand what the "K" is. Jim repeats: "K - K - K!", however, Shanaynay thinks he's racist, making a reference to the Ku Klux Klan.

Jim tells Shanaynay he just woke up in the house, being tied up. He doesn't know how het got there, on which Shanaynay replies: "Are you drunk, Jim?" Jim tells her he's not drunk, but Shanaynay says: "I kinda am", because she went to her girlfriend's sister Cansinyeder last night and got drunk there.

When Jim wants her to send an ambulance, Shanaynay tells a story. She and all the "911 people" were smoking and drinking and then went to the Walmart parking lot which was empty, because it was 3 AM. She though it would be "cute" if they would play bumper cars with it. She compares it with carnival, except "there was no dirty-ass Mexicans pressing a bunch of buttons they don't know how to press".

Shanaynay therefore doesn't know how to help Jim, because she "doesn't let strangers in her car". She calls this her new rule, because she let in a hitchhiker two days ago, who let a dead animal and a bag of toenails in her backseat.

When Jim tells Shanaynay he's dying, Shanaynay sarcastically replies with: "Oh no. Hold on. Don't look into the light, please."

Shanaynay then has to poop, telling Jim to "not go nowhere". When she returns, she says: "Went to the bathroom broken-hearted, went to shit but only farted". When Jim doesn't answer, she actually thinks he's still alive. When her girlfriend calls again, she tells her she saved a life.


  • Jim is in actually tied up with a computer USB cable, instead of a rope.
  • Jim is lying on a carpet, but when blood starts coming out of his mouth, the carpet is pulled up as if by magic.