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Aunt Hilda
Aunt Hilda
General Information
Full name: Hilda Goldstein
Gender: Female
Birth date: June 22, 1945 (age 75)
Birth place: New York City, New York, USA
Killed by: Shane
Skin color: White
Hair color: Red / purple
Relative(s): Father
Shane's Mom (sister)
Shane (nephew)
Rod (nephew)
Relationship: Bob Goldstein (husband)
Video Information
First appearance: E
Appeared on / at: August 2008
Latest appearance: Who's The Killer?

Aunt Hilda, full name Hilda Goldstein, is a recurring character in the Shane Dawson TV videos. She made her debut in E, in which she was E.


Aunt Hilda wears a pink turtleneck sweater, a pink, checkered jacket, black-framed glasses and red lipstick. Her hair is purple (or dark red).

In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she revealed to use botox and because of it, her eye glands got paralyzed.

Personal life[]

Aunt Hilda is Jewish. For example in Miley's Drug Tape: Aunt Hilda Reacts, she says that she doesn't believe in Christmas and calls it stupid shit. Shane's Mom is not known to be Jewish, so Hilda most probably converted herself to the Judaism and thus (possibly) has no Jewish ancestral background.

Aunt Hilda is very rude and easily insults people, for example calling them useless or gay. In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she says: "I can't wait to meet Shane's new boyfriend", however it turns out to be a girlfriend (Shanaynay). And in School Dance Disaster, she tells Shane to cut his hair because he looks like a faggot. She also insults other people easily without even knowing them, for example she calls Mark a "gay homo faggot" for wearing a dollar necklace. As a teacher, she assigns everybody to write an essay about themselves, but she also adds that she doesn't expect much from it because she thinks most people in the class have no talent or future whatsoever.

In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, Hilda reveals that she's working on a cooking show. This cooking show she is talking about is probably Aunt Hilda's Home and Garden Show in Shane Dawson And Friends, however Hilda said that Bob, her dead husband, will play a part in it though and he didn't make an appearance so far. This might be due to Shanaynay telling her to "throw her husband's ass in the trash".

In Last Sunday Night, Aunt Hilda was throwing a party at her house with her friends (who are notably younger). In the video, she revealed to have a piercing and rash on her vagina. At the party, she got hitched with an unknown Mexican. Her nude pictures can be found on the internet. She also said to be poor. She also seems to be friends with Paris Hilton, who showed up at her party.

In The One That Turned You Gay, Aunt Hilda reveals that Shane and her were close when Shane was young. She thinks that she turned Shane gay because she let him watch male strippers and listen to boy bands like *NSNYC. However Aunt Hilda and Shane don't bond as much now that Shane is older.

Family and pets[]

Hilda's sister is Shane's Mom. In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she revealed that her husband, called Bob Goldstein, is dead. However, she stuffed him back together. In the same video, she also says that the house she's at is "her house", however it is the house Shane's Mom (her sister) lives in. It can be concluded that Aunt Hilda lives there as well, either occasionally or permanently now that her husband is dead.

In School Dance Disaster, Aunt Hilda says she never really had a father. She explains her mother killed her father when Hilda was 5. Her mother stabbed her father in the face, chopped off his balls and then threw him in a wood chipper. However, Hilda says she found her dad somewhat of a "douche" anyway. In the video, she gives Shane inspiration to turn his depression into positive motivation to inspire others.

Alcohol abuse[]

Aunt Hilda is known to have an alcohol problem, which might be due to her father dying early. In School Dance Disaster, she was pulled over by the police because she was driving under the influence. However, that was in the morning when she went to her work, so she must start drinking very early. In Last Sunday Night, she said to have drunk too much and even had to vomit several times.


In School Dance Disaster, Aunt Hilda works as a teacher at a high school as Mrs. Goldstein. Because she assigns her class essays about "what they want to be and who they are", she probably is a Philosophy teacher.


The following is a list of videos Aunt Hilda had a main role in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
? Blow Up Doll For Dinner screenshot Blow Up Doll For Dinner
January 16, 2010
? Last Sunday Night screenshot Last Sunday Night
September 18, 2010
Music video YouTube
? School Dance Disaster screenshot School Dance Disaster
July 3, 2010
Occupation: High school teacher YouTube

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