Barack Obama
General Information
Full name: Barack Obama
Gender: Male
Birth date: August 4, 1961 (age 49)
Birth place: Honolulu, Hawaii
Skin color: Black
Hair color: Black
Personal Information
Occupation(s): President of the U.S.
Enemie(s): Sarah Palin
Video Information
First appearance: Sarah Palin Music Video
Appeared on / at: October 5, 2008

Barack Obama is a character in the YouTube series, portrayed by Shane Dawson. He is of course based on the real Barack Obama. So far, he only appeared in Sarah Palin Music Video.


In Sarah Palin Music Video, he wears a mask of a black man that resembles Barack Obama. It's unknown if it is called a Barack Obama mask, or if it is just a random black man. He also wears a light-blue blouse and a blue striped tie.


In the music video Sarah Palin Music Video, Sarah Palin revealed to bear a grudge against Obama. She calls him the devil and a "chocolate head", but she also admits that he's smarter than she is.

Palin says he scares people with his "big words".

In Sarah Palin's second music video called Don't Trust Me: Sarah Palin, only a picture Obama's head was shown, as well as a speech balloon with "Lies, Lies, Lies" in it.


The following is a list of videos Barack Obama's character made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
15 SARAHPALINMUSICVIDEO 01 Sarah Palin Music Video
October 5, 2008