Blow Up Doll For Dinner
General Information
Title: Blow Up Doll For Dinner
Uploaded on: January 16, 2010
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shane
Shane's Mom
Aunt Hilda
Rod Dawson
Bob Goldstein
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.:  ?
Amount of views: 3,109,354
As of: July 26, 2011
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Blow Up Doll For Dinner is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on January 16, 2010. The video is a sequel on Sexy Blind Date. In this video, Shane wants Shanaynay to meet his family. However, Shanaynay tells Aunt Hilda that she has to throw away her dead husband and that Shane's Mom should be less of a monster to her son Rod Dawson.


Shane Dawson tells his viewers that in this video, as a sequel to Sexy Blind Date, he's going to let Shanaynay meet his family.

Shanaynay is not sure that Shane's family is going to like her, because at the house of her ex-boyfriend, his family started to shoot on her. That's why she has a hole in her arm and at the back of her head.

At Shane's house, Shane's mom tells her son, Rod Dawson, to put his knife down, or else she will let him masturbate to an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place. She calls him Tokio Motel, a pun on Tokio Hotel. Aunt Hilda says she can't wait to meet Shane's new boyfriend, however, Shane's Mom actually thinks it's a girl. Aunt Hilda is laughing and says that her husband is very funny, but her husband is a dead blow up doll.

Shane enters the room. Shanaynay tells his family that "it is very nice to meet all you motherfuckers and hoes". Aunt Hilda says: "Well, isn't she classy". She also says she looks very nice. Shanaynay says she got her clothes from her sister, who got into a knife-fight with er boyfriend and got her neck slit. She says that some of her clothes got blood on it, but she thinks the clothes look very cute.

When Shane introduces Shanaynay to his mom, his mom puts her douche on table. His mom wants to shake hands with Shanaynay, but Shanaynay says that she's more a "peace kind of girl" and greets her with the V sign. His mom says "Oh." and greets her with the V sign as well, but throws some "douche" in Aunt Hilda's eye while doing so.

Shane and Shanaynay sit around the table, but Shanaynay is scared up by Bob Goldstein: Aunt Hilda's blow up husband. Aunt Hilda explains that Bob was killed in a machete fight outside of a 7-Eleven by three angry mohicans. "So me, being the crafty bitch I am, sewed him back together so now he can spend the rest of his life with me". Shanaynay (sarcastically) says "That's cute", but Shane's Mom tells them it's not cute if your house smells like a rotting asshole. Shanaynay says: "Trust me, I know", so it can be concluded that her house smells horrible.

Shane asks to Rod how his school week was. Because Rod doesn't reply, Shanaynay says: "Let me try", and starts screaming at him. Aunt Hilda explains: "He's not deaf, honey, he's mute". Shane's Mom says: "Oh, he's not mute. He just only likes to talk to old naked men on Skype". Rod says that only happened one time and that she has to let it go.

Shane asks how Aunt Hilda's cooking show is coming along and Hilda says they are putting together the first few episodes, in which she cooks with her husband Bob. Shanaynay asks why she is cooking with a blow up doll, on which Hilda replies: "Listen, Bonequiqui, or whatever the fuck your name is, if you don't respect me in my house, I will reach over there, grab the wig off your head and put it in my magic bowl smoothie maker, grind it up and sprinkle it all over the dog shit in the backyard, would you like that?"

Shanaynay is getting very angry and Shane's Mom says she wants to see this. When Rod tells her "of course you would", Shane's Mom replies with: "Oh, I'm sorry. Do you only wanna see something if it's two guys blowing each other through holes in the walls? Yeah, run away like you always do, faggot". Rod indeed walks away and is very angry.

However, Shanaynay sticks up for Rod, by telling Shane's Mom: "Hey, now that is not cool. No Shane, I'm sorry, I have been real polite to ya all, OK? I didn't say one word. Not even when your mom was rubbing my leg under the table. But I can not be fake anymore, OK? Ya all need a reality check and I will be the banker and I will cash that shit."

To Aunt Hilda, she says: "Your husband is dead, he ain't coming back to life, you need to throw his ass in the trash". And she tells Shane's Mom: "You calling your kids a faggy is gonna make them grow up and hate yo ass and you're gonna be an old ass lonely drunk bitch. Get back in here, emo motherfucker! Don't be ashamed of who you are, OK? God made you different for a reason and I know it's hard, but believe me. It gets easier, you'll meet people that love you for you".

Shanaynay orders Shane's Mom to tell her son she loves him. Rod surprisingly tells her that he loves her too. Aunt Hilda says she would cry if her eye glands weren't paralyzed by all the botox.

Shanaynay says her work is done and she's about to done, however Shane tells her that he's not done yet: he asks Shanaynay to marry her.

Then the video ends and Shane asks his viewers to comment what their favorite romantic movie is. He says his favorite romantic movie is Titanic.


  • When Shanaynay shows her hole in her head, Shane's brown hair can be seen.