DMV 01
General Information
Title: DMV
Uploaded on: August 6, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shane
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 8
Amount of views: 5,489,625
As of: July 17, 2011
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DMV is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on August 6, 2008. In it, Shane tries to pass for his driver's license, but then finds out Shanaynay is his driver's instructor. He has to do the driving test in his own car. In the end, he gets his driver's license, but because Shanaynay robbed a 7-Eleven supermarket, he'll also go to jail.


Shane is calling to his mother and says he's in the parking lot, waiting for the instructor. It's also revealed that Shane once hit a pedestrian. Then Shanaynay makes her first appearance and enters the car, wearing a skirt. She's also on the phone, saying she hasn't even been convicted yet, signifying that she recently commited a crime.

Shanaynay starts off with "the fuck you looking at?!", making Shane nervous, but then tells him that she's just playing. She says that white people get scared very quickly, on which Shane replies that she's white skinned, too. Shanaynay tells him she's light-skinned, just like Vin Diesel, making fun of his Italian and black ancestry and his personal description of being "definitely a person of color".

When Shanaynay tells Shane to check the back of the car, she impulsively screams, telling Shane she thought she saw an octopus. She admits she "was smoking some" earlier in the breakroom with her girlfriend Rhonda.

Then she farts, saying that Shane's leather seats make a lot of noise, but Shane tells his seats are polyester. In search for food, Shanaynay finds condoms in Shane's glove box, asking if he fucked either a woman or a guy in his car. In reply, Shane tells her he's not gay, even though Shanaynay figured so because his hair is so "pretty".

Shanaynay asks him if there are crabs in his car, because she's 75% clean of STDs and "she would like to keep it that way".

She then tasks him if she can turn on the radio, but a song by Enya called Only Time shows up. Shanaynay asks him "what the fuck" is on, to which Shane replies it's just "relaxing". Shanaynay rather calls it "falling asleep while driving" and then indeed falls asleep. She tells him it's not legal to do so, obviously as a joke because she herself commits worse crimes.

Shanaynay then wakes up with a scream, asking Shane if he touched her. Shane says he didn't do so, but she replies with "don't lie... freaky ass" and watches him with loving eyes.

Shanaynay turns on some music which she calls "real music", which is a song by Danity Kane called Bad Girl.
DMV 02

Shanaynay, making movements with her butt on the Danity Kane song.

It seems she listens to it daily, as she completely playbacks the music and even dances, shaking her hair and butt and breasts. Suddenly, she stops the music, calling Shane to pull over to 7-Eleven, asking if Shane's thirsty. She asks if he wants some Zima, but Shane tells her he can't drink. Shanaynay replies with: "oh, you got a bad liver?" Shane tells that he might get a DUI (driving under the influence) in that case, but Shanaynay doesn't know what that spells and says: "you lying, that's too many fucking words for three letters".

Shanaynay pulls some tights over her head and robs the 7-Eleven store. When she returns in the car, she's got a plastic bag with her, which are the goods she robbed. Then, several seconds later, police cars and even helicopters appear. Shanaynay's on the phone and her friend says she's live on the news at Channel 7.

Shanaynay then leaves the car, but gives Shane his driver's license, telling he's passed. Shane calls his mom and tells her he passed, but that he's "'soon gonna be butt raped in jail".


  • Shane tells his mom he's in the parking lot at the beginning of the video, but he has never actually driven around. Shanaynay enters the car in the parking lot, but then says that 'there's a 7-Eleven over there' and gets out of the car. When she returns in the car, she commands Shane to drive away, but in fact they are still at the same place (i.e. the parking lot), even though they're even being filmed by the police.