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Fred Is Dead
Fred Is Dead screenshot
General Information
Title: Fred Is Dead
Uploaded on: September 12, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Fred
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 13
Amount of views: 19,774,863
As of: July 19, 2011
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Fred Is Dead is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on September 12, 2008. In it, Fred is locked up in a room. When he manages to escape, he's followed by Shanaynay, who then kills him. However, Fred manages to survive the gun shots.


Shane starts the video by telling how he found the YouTube user with the most subscribers, called Fred.

However, Shane eventually wants to become the user with the most subscribers. He then says how he's got a plan to get Fred killed.

Then the video starts, with Shane being Fred with his voice high pitched, just like Fred's. He is somehow tied up in a strange room. He talks

Fred tied up in Fred Is Dead!

about how he wants to kill his mom. He also mentions how his dad kills people for his living, so he might get a gun from him to shoot his mom. He then says: "I should not have said that, now he's gonna kill me! Or maybe he will kill my mom..."

While he tries to dig his way out, he starts biting in the carpet. He then finds a pubic hair in his mouth.

When Fred manages to escape, he starts running around. Strangely, he starts yelling: "Freedom! The first thing I'm going to do is hug my mom!... Unless she's dead", even though he wanted to kill his mom just some seconds ago.

Then, Shanaynay appears: "Yo Fred! My name is Shanaynay, and Shane Dawson send me here to do him and all his fans a motherfucking favor". Fred asks if she's going to bring him home, on which Shanaynay replies: "Do you live in hell? Well, that's where your chipmunk ass is going".

Shanaynay starts shooting at Fred, but she's unable to kill him, Shanaynay screaming: "Motherfucker, why won't you die?!"

Fred replies with "I'll never die".


  • Fred says he found his way out, however, he only opened a closet.