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A random customer in The Waitress

Fu King is a fictional Chinese restaurant which appears in the website video called The Waitress. It is a pun on the word "fucking". Fu King's slogan is: "Have a Fu King good day." Shanaynay has worked there as a waitress and even was a manager there, though she only worked there for three days. That's because the old manager shot himself in the head, because the police found prostitutes in the back of the restaurant that had fingerprints of the old manager on it.

Just like at CraigDonald's, only Mexican people seem to work at the restaurant, but Fu King actually seems to be selling good food. Except on Saturdays, however, because a Mexican called Larry works there at that day. Even though the food seems to be alright, Shanaynay once dropped a band-aid in noodles.

Shanaynay says that the restaurant strives for "equal opportunities" and "no discrimination", however, when a man in a wheelchair tries to apply, she sends him away, saying: "This ain't no 1950's rollerdisco, boo boo. We can't have you roll around, breaking bitches' toes. I'm sorry, you'll have to leave, hot wheels".

Other people that have eaten at Fu King are Shane and a Chinese girl portrayed by Brittani.


The following is a list of videos Fu King appeared in.

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n.a. The Waitress screenshot The Waitress