Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell
General Information
Title: Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell
Uploaded on: Unknown
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shane
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
(uploaded ShaneDawsonTV2)
Episode No.: 7
Amount of views: 1,483,903
As of: July 18, 2011
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Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell is a video currently on ShaneDawsonTV2, uploaded there on April 11, 2009. However, it was originally uploaded on ShaneDawsonTV somewhere at August 2008. There, it got deleted due to legal issues. In the video, Shane visits CraigDonald's, a pun on McDonald's. He tries to order some food at the drive-through, but the employee, Shanaynay, keeps telling him how dirty the restaurant is. This is the first video Shanaynay appears in. It should also be noted that she has two "fake eyebrows" in this video, instead of one.


Shane orders some food via the CraigDonald's drive-through microphone, but Shanaynay, the drive-through assistant, cannot hear his "whispers". When Shane talks a little bit louder, she reacts: "Damn! Trying to turn me into Helen Keller? Shit!"

When Shane asks her "what's good", she disturbs him, yelling at another employee: "Enrique, what the fuck is that smell?" She also tells Enrique that she "has La Migra in speed dial", which is the top division of immigration police. It thus can be concluded that Enrique is an illegal immigrant, working in the CraigDonald's kitchen.

Shanaynay then says that they got "some dirty-ass people work up in here". When Shane starts ordering, Shanaynay continuously tells him how the food's either dirty or smelly. She for example says that the fish sandwich smells like "a stanky-ass pussy". She also reveals how the Mexican Salad is actually a normal salad, but made by Mexicans.

When Shane wants to order a cheeseburger, Shanaynay tells that he can choose from four different kinds of cheese: American, Cheddar, Swiss and cottage cheese. However, she's unsure whether the cottage cheese is indeed cottage cheese.

Shanaynay then honestly replies to Shane that there's actually no food that she likes. She also says how the cook has nasty, hairy arms. The food storage room is just an old bathroom with a toilet that "don't work no more". She also says how somebody flinged potato salad on the ceiling, probably because there was no other place for it.

Shanaynay also tells a story about how a girl had a purple pubic hair in her burrito. Even though Aunt Hilda, another character played by Shane Dawson, wasn't revealed by then, most fans suggest that the pubic hair was Aunt Hilda's, because she has purple hair.

She then says: "Don't even get me sorted on where we get our water from" and smells her water with a "disgusting" face. A second later, Shane drives away with great speed, Shanaynay yelling: "Hey! Where are you going, damn?!"

For an unknown reason, she spits in a bag, which assumely contains the next food order. The bag is actually a REI bag.

As a bonus, Shanaynay sings the CraigDonald's slogan: "CraigDonald's, we love to see you smile, unless your teeth is fucked up, then you better keep your mouth shut".


  • Shanaynay is actually standing in front of a closet, which has been seen in a previous video.
  • Shanaynay's headphones are also used by the audition employer in Who Are We?, and she wears them around her neck in Flaws.
  • When Shane drives away at the end of the video, it can be seen that he actually drives off the sidewalk.
  • When Shanaynay works at the CraigDonald's, there's an image next to her that resembles the big McDonald's "M", even though CraigDonald's doesn't even have a "M" in it.
  • Shanaynay's hair is on the wrong side, laying on her right shoulder instead of her left.
  • It seems that Shanaynay is the only drive-through assistant: she takes orders, but she hands out the food orders as well.