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Harry Potter's Over
Harry Potter's Over screenshot
General Information
Title: Harry Potter's Over
Uploaded on: July 23, 2011
Episode type: Music Video
Filmed by: Joey Anderton
Characters: Shanaynay
Other people
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: Unknown
Amount of views: 2,062,813
As of: August 6, 2011
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Harry Potter's Over is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on July 23, 2011. In it, Shanaynay sings a song about how the Harry Potter series ended. It is a parody on the song Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.


In the video, Shanaynay is walking around on the beach. There she starts singing a song about how much she hates Harry Potter. During the song, Shanaynay makes a penis in the sand and she also burns some Harry Potter books at the beach with lucifers.


  1. Nerds are crying, dorks are dying
  2. Fat cat ladies going insane
  3. They're all screaming, what do we do?
  4. While they tumblr all their pain
  5. When will Harry fuck Hermione?
  6. When did Ron get so fugly?
  7. Think about all the fun you had
  8. Going to the movies in your wizard hat
  9. Thinking you looked cute
  10. Girl don't get me started
  11. Stop drawing lightning bolts on your head
  12. Stop saying that Dumbledorf is your friend
  13. Harry Potter's over
  14. That stupid movie's over
  15. You tweet, tweet, tweet
  16. Why does it have to end?
  17. # I need some friends (friends)
  18. You spend spend spend
  19. Money on stupid shit
  20. Like fake glasses and a Quidditch stick
  21. All of the poop jellybeans you ate
  22. All of the times you stayed up late
  23. Looking for nude pics
  24. of Daniel Radcliff
  25. I will take every book you have
  26. I have some room left in my trash
  27. Harry Potter's over
  28. So glad that shit's over
  29. Harry Potter's over
  30. Harry Potter's over
  31. Harry Potter's over
  32. It's over, get a life, go outside, I don't know

People that appear in the video[]

  • Alicia (Shane's cousin)
  • Brittani Louise Taylor (Brittani)
  • Sara Lassner (Cat girl)
  • Mynijah Ward (Suicidal girl)
  • Ashlei Shyne (Girl with attitude)


  • The cat lady has two cats with her, which are actually Shane's cats, Muffin and Snoop.
  • "Fugly" is a portmanteau which stands for "fucking ugly".
  • For unknown reasons, Shanaynay sings about "Dumbledorf" instead of Dumbledore.
  • The flames that appear when Shanaynay is burning the books is a special effect, so the books are not really being burnt.