Hodini's Street Magic
General Information
Title: Hodini's Street Magic
Uploaded on: June 25, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Hodini
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 1
Amount of views: 1,980,619
As of: July 17, 2011
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Hodini's Street Magic is the oldest video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on June 25, 2008. In it, Hodini, a street magician, performs several street tricks on people. Her last trick turned herself into a hotdog.


Shane first counts down til zero and then his created video shows up.

Hodini, a pink-haired magician who performs street magic tricks, is the main character of the video, performed by Shane himself. She starts off with: "Hey hey hey, Hodini here, the magician that is making your shit disappear". She pronounces disappear as "dis-ap-purr". In the video, she's in Long Beach, Shane Dawson's birth place. Her personal cameraman (whose name turns out to be Rayray as revealed in Hodini & Dana Cop-A-Feel), brought her there, but she is offended by it because she wants to become famous and be featured on TMZ. She calls herself the 'Street Magician,' performing simple card tricks to civilians.

In the video, during her first street magic trick, Hodini shows several cards to a girl, but only one of them may be chosen. Hodini has to guess which card the girl picked, but she still guesses incorrectly. Therefore, she starts threatening the girl with a gun, making her say that she guessed it right.

Later, she magically steals the glasses and a medal from a gangster called Shorty, played by Shane as well. She calls it another trick, but then runs away with the goods. It's unsure whether she was caught after the chase.

After it, Hodini performs her "grand finale". She hands her pink purse to Rayray the cameraman, but notes him that she has counted the money. Thus can be concluded that Rayray has, once or more, stolen money from her. The performance includes a 'flow' trick. She uses the magical spell Alakacrambla Kekoochi, wherafter she changes into a hotdog. Then she returns without a left arm and calls herself handicapped. This happened because Rayray, who is called "fat ass" by Hodini, took a bite of the hotdog.

She performs another trick though, which she announces as being "real dangerous". The magic act consists of her swallowing a butcher knife, but in the end she badly hurts herself, with blood coming out of her mouth. Rayray with "don't get blood on the camera, this is my mom's", revealing that he is inexperienced.

After the video, Shane admits that creating videos is his dream, and if nobody would like this video, he would start working at Jenny Craig.


  • Even though Hodini doesn't manage to do a simple card trick, she can magically steal Shorty's glasses and medal without him noticing at first, or turn herself into a hotdog.
  • It's possible that Hodini simply used the wrong spell and therefore turned into a hotdog, because she first said: "Alakazam, Kabam..." followed by: "Shit. Alakacrambla Kekoochi".
  • It's unknown how Hodini returned into a human after being a hotdog - she just magically reappeared.