Hodini & Dana Cop-A-Feel
General Information
Title: Hodini & Dana Cop-A-Feel
Uploaded on: July 20, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Hodini
Dana Cop-A-Feel
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 5
Amount of views: 801,285
As of: July 18, 2011
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Hodini & Dana Cop-A-Feel is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, created on July 19, 2008 and uploaded on July 20, 2008. In it, Hodini performs more street magic tricks with her new sidekick Dana. However, Hodini got killed by her cameraman Rayray during her "final, final trick".


The video starts off with Shane with a crisp in his one hand, and some lettuce in it's other hand. He speaks to the crisp, saying: "You so bad for me", but then eats it. He then says it has been "an emotional eating day".

Then the video starts, in which Hodini returns. She announces her partner, her "homegirl" called Dana. Hodini tells that Dana's got no job and no place to be.

It turns out that neither Hodini nor the cameraman call Dana and she therefore isn't on the spot. The cameraman seems to be called Rayray, but he cannot call Dana because he's out of money: "he's got priorities". Hodini then reveals that Rayray is her brother's nephew's cousin's uncle's niece's brother-in-law.

When Hodini's calling Dana, she eventually arrives while she's still on the phone.

Dana performs her first trick after it. She's taking kerchiefs out of her underwear, which takes more than 30 minutes. Hodini then asks her if she's "got a black hole in her pussy".

Hodini and Dana then perform their second trick together, which is actually just stealing a 100 dollar bill from an old lady.

The third trick is performed by Hodini. She calls it a "crazy" trick. She's about to pour "hot-ass coffee over a bitch's head", but she actually pours it over Dana's head.

The final trick is "real crazy", which consists of Hodini running over Dana with her car, still calling her a bitch. Dana thinks the magic trick might fail, just like the third trick did. However, Hodini replies with: "When has my magic ever not worked?" Hodini admits that she looked up the trick on "", which explains that Dana won't feel anything because of the gravity in the car and the gravity in the solar system. She calls it very "scientifil".

After the trick, Dana is wrapped in band-aid, so the trick actually did fail.

Hodini's going to do another "final final trick" however, which is "very dangerous". Hodini's going to catch a bullet with her teeth. Because Dana can't hold the gun, Hodini gives the gun to Rayray and tells him to "aim towards her face".

Hodini got killed by the shot.


  • It's unknown how Dana managed to appear so quickly during the phone call.
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