Ned the Nerd
General Information
Full name: Ned the Nerd
Gender: Male
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
Occupation(s): Unknown
Relative(s): Sister
Relationship: Nadia


Paris Hilton

Date(s): Nadia


Friend(s): Shane



Video Information
First appearance: Pickup Lines
Appeared on / at: July 23, 2008
Latest appearance: Nerd Get's The Girl
Ned the Nerd is a recurring character in the ShaneDawsonTV videos. He made his debut in Pickup Lines, however he was unnamed back then.


Ned the Nerd wears a white blouse with a red tie and big, nerdy glasses. His hair is similar to Shane's: straight, shoulder-length and brown.


Ned the Nerd, in contrary to most characters like S-Deezy and Shanaynay, is actually very quiet. He does share the common interest in sex, though: in Who Are We?, he revealed that he loves to masturbate. He also likes watching ALOT of porn.In the same video, he said he's a "ladies-man", because he likes to hang out with his mother and grandmother.

Ned seems to be best friends with S-Deezy, as he is always talking to him and they seem to share very personal things. When Shane proposes to Shananay, Ned calls S-Deezy to tell him the news. Ned says 'We have a problem'. S-Deezy assumes that he has got his 'dick stuck in the VCR again'. This is hinting that this previously happened to Ned, and Ned has called S-Deezy for help. Their friendship is quite strange though, because of the fact that Ned is a stereo typical nerd and S-Deezy is a stereo typical gangster, which is obviously a very un-common mixture.

Family and petsEdit

Ned has a sister who he hints that is hot. He also has a pet owl he named Hedwig who he talks to often.




The following is a list of videos Ned the Nerd made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
6 PICKUP LINES 01 Pickup Lines
July 23, 2008
First appearance YouTube
9 WHOAREWE 01 Who Are We?
August 13, 2008