Paula Abdul
General Information
Full name: Paula Abdul
Gender: Female
Birth date: June 19, 1962
Birth place: San Fernando, California
Died at: January 24, 2008 (aged 46)
Killed by: Shanaynay
Skin color: White
Hair color: Black
Personal Information
Occupation(s): American Idol jury
Video Information
First appearance: Shanaynay's Idol
Appeared on / at: January 24, 2009

Paula Abdul was a character in the YouTube series, portrayed by Shane Dawson. She was based on the real Paula Abdul. She appeared in the video Shanaynay's Idol, where she was one of the judges during Shanaynay's audition, but she also got killed in the video.


In Shanaynay's Idol, Paula had black hair, however on the back of her head, she had blond hair. In her hair, she wears some kind of purple fluff. She wears a skin-colored dress with a white shirt under it. She has pink lipstick and black lines under her eyes.


In Shanaynay's Idol, Paula was the only character that enjoyed Shanaynay's appearance. When Shanaynay said: "Is Randy a fat-ass motherfucker?" Paula joyously claps her hands, saying "He is! He is!"

When Shanaynay reveals she doesn't like anal sex, Paula said "You go, girl!", but after that, Shanaynay asked her to never say that again.

Paula revealed to be suffering from bad dreams, because when Shanaynay asks if she can start her audition, Paula is actually asleep and she doesn't even wake up when Shanaynay yells at her. She does wake up when Shanaynay throws her bracelet in her face. Paula suddenly woke up, screaming "Don't touch my asshole!".

When Shanaynay asked Paula to tell her what she thinks about her audition, Paula says: "You know what I like about you? I like your attitude. Your little ghetto 'I'm from the hood', and 'I have a weave', and 'I like fried chicken and watermelon', bam!" Shanaynay says: "Oh, hell no!" and shoots her down.


The following is a list of videos Paula Abdul made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
26 SHANAYNAYSIDOL 01 Shanaynay's Idol
January 24, 2009


  • There is a price tag in Paula's hair.