Phone Sex
General Information
Title: Phone Sex
Uploaded on: July 6, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shane
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 3
Amount of views: 2,214,111
As of: July 18, 2011
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Phone Sex is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on July 6, 2008. In it, Shane calls an erotic chat line to chat with an "all-American girl" called Bunny. She incorrectly describes herself as a very beautiful woman, but is in fact a fat, old woman.


While Shane is reading the Enquirer on the toilet, he notices an erotic chat line advert in it. He then calls the chat line, but first has to press numbers to start talking to the right girl. "For gay chat, press 1. For straight chat, press 2." Shane accidently presses 1, but manages to get to straight chat after it.

He then has to pick another number. "For big black bubble booty, press 1. For all-American girl, press 2. For angry Asian kinky hardcore, press 3." He chooses the "all-American girl", who seems to be called Bunny. Shane lies that his name is Jim.

Bunny tells Shane that she has long, blond hair and a toned little beach body. When she asks what "Jim" is wearing, Shane replies he's wearing a uniform from the Pizza Hut.

Bunny enthusiastically replies with: "You work at Pizza Hut?!" probably because she actually loves to eat lots of pizza. Then she lies: "I love pizza, but all those carbs just mess with my little figure." Shane jokes they also have "low carb pizza's".

When Shane asks Bunny what she's wearing, she first accidentally says she's wearing a muumuu.

Bunny asks Shane if she can start talking "dirty" and so she does, but in fact what she's saying is literally dirty. She for example wants to tear open Shane's body and then take his insides and stuff them into her mouth.

When Bunny continues her dirty story, Shane almost has to vomit and stops the call, saying: "Maybe I'll try the angry asian?" "Asian sounds" start coming out of the phone, but Shane replies: "Never mind, going to bed!" and he runs away.


  • In Rogue Spotlight, Shane revealed that this was one of his first video that contained a "character". He also said that his mother helped him write the script for this video.
  • Just like in Pickup Lines, it's unsure whether the girl is just very ugly, or actually should be seen as a man in disguise.
  • Bunny's voice has some similarities to Paris Hilton, another of Shane's characters.