Pranks Gone Wrong
General Information
Title: Pranks Gone Wrong
Uploaded on: September 25, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shane
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 14
Amount of views: 2,490,693
As of: July 22, 2011
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Pranks Gone Wrong is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on September 25, 2008. In it, Shane meets up with a friend called SwiftKarateChop. However, they continuously try to prank each other, eventually reaching to Shane's death.


When Shane is waiting in front of SwiftKarateChop's house, nobody opens the door. Shane says: "Come on, Billy Bob, the neighbors are staring at me again. Hey, Miss Johnson", on which she replies with: "Fuck you, hippie!"

Shane then gets called by SwiftKarateChop, who's talking about "guys with mask that came into his house and killed everybody". SwiftKarateChop says the men killed his mom, brother and grandmother. When SwiftKarateChop reveals it was only a joke, Shane admits he was seconds away of killing himself.

When SwiftKarateChop invites Shane for a drink, Shane stumbles over SwiftKarateChop's leg.

Then they have something to drink. SwiftKarateChop says it's "apple juice" and gives both Shane and himself a bottle. SwiftKarateChop also asks if Shane wants a taco, but Shane says "No, I'm good".


The poison bottle in Pranks Gone Wrong!

then reveals a tiny, white bottle with poison in it. He puts the poison in SwiftKarateChop's drink.

They then start drinking their juice, however SwiftKarateChop says he peed in Shane's bottle: "I got you again!" However, he then falls off his chair because of the poison.

SwiftKarateChop is then nude and tied up in toilet paper. When Shane closes his pants zipper, SwiftKarateChop asks: "Dude, did you drug me, rape me and videotape it?" Shane says: "Maybe", with a innocent face, on which SwiftKarateChop replies with: "Man, you've got me again! I didn't even see that one coming!"

After that, SwiftKarateChop's sister shows up and says that they are retarded and that her mom has to hide the Windex from SwiftKarateChop because he thinks it's Gatorade.

When Shane leaves the house, he stands in front of his car, searching for the right key. However, SwiftKarateChop shows up again with a knitted hat on his face and a gun in his hand. SwiftKarateChop yells: "Give me your car!"

SwiftKarateChop then shoots at Shane. Shane falls down on the ground with blood coming out of his mouth. SwiftKarateChop says: "But this is just a toy gun!" However, it turns out that his sister switched it to a real gun. He gets back into his house, saying that he's very proud of his sister. Shane is still lying in his front yard.


  • It's unknown why SwiftKarateChop says that Shane's relatives were killed, because he was at his own house. Shane could possibly be thinking that SwiftKarateChop was at his house, however.
  • When Shane pours the poison into SwiftKarateChop's drink, the bottle is already opened and the bottle is not completely filled. However, when SwiftKarateChop is about to drink out of the bottle, it's completely filled again. It also seems like he just took off the bottle cap. It can thus be concluded that the part where Shane adds the poison has been filmed after SwiftKarateChop drinks the juice.
  • When Shane's shot, he is lying on his right side. However, when SwiftKarateChop gets back into his house, Shane is lying on his left side.
  • Shane's eyes blink while he's dead.