General Information
Full name: Rod Dawson
Rod Makkenrole (old)
Gender: Male
Birth date: Unknown
Birth place: Long Beach, California
Skin color: White
Hair color: Black (with blue hightlights)
Eye color: Blue
Relative(s): Father
Shane (brother)
Video Information
First appearance: Who Are We?
Appeared on / at: August 13, 2008
Latest appearance: Unknown

Rod Dawson (called Rod Makkenrole in older videos) is a recurring character in the YouTube series created and portrayed by himself. Rod made his debut in Who Are We?, but was unnamed. In Why Was I Born?, it was revealed that he actually is Shane's brother.


Rod wears a black tuque and has originally black hair with blue highlights in it. He wears a black-and-white striped tie and a shirt with skulls on it. He has a black stripe under one if his eyes (differs per video).

In Crazy Emo Family, he wears black lipstick. He still wears his black tuque, however, his hair is now pointing out on each sides. His tie is now checkered red and he wears a black blouse with white, vertical stripes. He doesn't have the black stripes under his eyes anymore.


In Why Was I Born?, he unveiled that his dream was to become a guitar god. He was playing Guitar Hero, suggesting that he probably just wants to be the best Guitar Hero player in the world. He hates to be disturbed by Shane.

Emo and suicideEdit

Rod is a stereotypical emo. In Crazy Emo Family, he was about to kill himself, so it can be concluded that Rod tries to commit suicide now and then, however he's still alive. Rod revealed that he likes to write poetry in Who Are We?. He says that he cuts himself, because his dad calls him "a mistake". His favorite colors are blue and red, because it are the colors blood can have.

In Crazy Emo Family, Shane's Mom said that Rod didn't smile since around 2006. In the video, Rod was laughing so hard that he "literally lost his shit", because he heard Shane has a date.

Sexual orientationEdit

In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, it was revealed that Rod is (probably) gay because he watches gay sex and old naked men on Skype. His mother calls him faggot all the time.

Rod MakkenroleEdit

In older videos, Rod was called Rod Makkenrole, just like how Shane was actually called "Jim Makkenrole". A reason for this is unknown, but Shane probably didn't want to use his real name in the videos and therefore used the last name "Makkenrole".


The following is a list of videos Rod made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
9 WHOAREWE 01 Who Are We?
August 13, 2008
12 WHYWASIBORN 01 Why Was I Born?
September 7, 2008
 ? BLOWUPDOLLFORDINNER 01 Blow Up Doll For Dinner
January 16, 2010



Rod Dawson changed his looks over time. In this gallery, his different appearances are shown.