S- Deezy is one of the characters portrayed on ShaneDawsonTV. He is friendly and layer back, but can be racist and rude. He carries a gun with him, making him seem tough.


S- Deezy can be kind and friendly, but also racost and rude. He is a layed back gangster and carries a gun with him everywhere, much like Shanaynay. He is very intercourse related and has many partners in it, to which he forgets some of their names.


S- Deezy has brown hair, which he wears a black beanie over. He has blue eyes and some facial hair. He also wears black gangster type clothes, meaning a hoody and lined, baggy sweatpants.


S-Deezy has dated Shanaynay and is a friend of hers. He also dated Fruit Lupe. He is also friends with Shane Dawson and Ned the Nerd. There is no seen or mentioned viewing of his family.


S-Deezy commonly appears on Shane and Friends, and has his own segment.