Sarah Palin Music Video
General Information
Title: Sarah Palin Music Video
Uploaded on: October 5, 2008
Episode type: Music Video
Directed by: John MacDaddy
Characters: Sarah Palin
Barack Obama
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 15
Amount of views: 1,428,900
As of: July 21, 2011
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Sarah Palin Music Video, also known as Hypmotizer, is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on October 5, 2008. In it, Sarah Palin's "newest music video" is shown, in which Palin depicts Barack Obama as a "Hypmotizer".


Shane starts the video, saying that he usually doesn't talk about politics because he finds it boring. He also explains how Sarah Palin is from Alaska and that she, on that date, wanted to become the vice-president of America. He also says that the music video that follows is actually created by Sarah Palin herself, trying to get the youth of America to vote.

The music video that shows up is called "Hypmotizer" and the director is "John MacDaddy".

The following are some of the lyrics of Sarah Palin's song.

"Jesus told me, that the anti-Christ is coming. He is hiding in the body of a tall chocolate-head, he named Barack, Barack Obama. Please don't let him trick you he just tries to get your soul, he will tell you anything just to get your vote. You may think that he's more smarter, but he is just a, just a Hypmotizer. You think he's great, you think he's well and then he turns, into the devil".

After the video, Shane says: "Wow, if that isn't number one on TRL, I don't know what will be". He also tells everybody who's over 18 to vote.


  • Shane mentions TRL, however 8 days later, on November 13, 2008, this series concluded.
  • John MacDaddy is probably a pun on John McCain. Palin was McCain's running mate.