Sexy Blind Date
General Information
Title: Sexy Blind Date
Uploaded on: January 2, 2010
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shane
Fejot (server)
Gay guys
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.:  ?
Amount of views: 4,144,321
As of: July 24, 2011
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Sexy Blind Date is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on January 2, 2010. In it, Shane has a date with a girl he met on internet, however it turns out to be Shanaynay. She doesn't know anything about chique restaurants and etiquette and the server of the restaurant therefore calls her a gorilla. Shanaynay tells Shane that she actually has a very big heart and that Shane's the first guy that didn't walk away from her after thirty seconds. Shane then tells the server that he shouldn't be rude to Shanaynay and leaves the restaurant to get some nachos and chili cheese fries.


The video starts with Shane Dawson asking his viewers if they have ever been on a bad date. He tells them that it can't get worse than the date he had. Then the video starts.

Shane is at a chique restaurant, calling with his mom. He says that his girlfriend will arrive within a minute. His mother warns him that meeting girls on the internet is bad, but Shane admits he's desperate. Shane tells her that he doesn't know what she looks like. His mother then says that she doesn't want his girlfriend to be black and even makes a racist comment, which is probably "nigger", because Shane says: "I know they say it to each other, but that doesn't mean that we can".

Shane's girlfriend arrives and it turns out to be Shanaynay, who yells: "And if you try to steal my car again, I will sew your ass so shut you've got to shit out your mouth". Shane asks her if it was the valet. Shanaynay says that she doesn't care what his name was, "no dirty ass hood rat puts his hands on my whip".

Shane asks if her name is "Shana", because that's what her profile said. Shanaynay says that's because she can't type correctly with her nails. "I can't even pick a damn booger without making my nose bleed". She then shows it, but her nose starts bleeding.

The server shows up. He says his name is Fejot, on which Shanaynay replies with: "Your name is faggot? Man, your parents must have hated you." Fejot then tells his parents are dead.

Shane orders a Perrier water with a hint of lemon zest. Shanaynay asks for a Capri Sun with a hint of a crazy straw, but the waiter tells her they don't have Capri Sun, so she orders a Yoohoo. The waiter says: "I'll see what I can do" and walks off.

A dog bark can be heard. It turns out that Shanaynay has a dog in her purse which she calls R. Kelly, because he likes to piss on everything.

The server returns with their orders and asks if they want an appetizer. Shanaynay asks: "What's better? The nachos or the chili cheese fries?" The server says it's not a basketball game but a four star restaurant. Shane decides they will take an escargo. Shane says he's an actor and Shanaynay says she's an actor, too. She then starts screaming, but she says it was acted.

The server gives them their escargos, however Shanaynay is frightened by the escargo and throws the plate through the window. She says it was moving - Shane says it's a delicacy, but Shanaynay doesn't know what that word means. The server tells Shane: "Might you consider giving your gorilla a tranquilizer". Shanaynay yells: "Fuck you, faggot!", but there seem to be two gay guys in the restaurant, who think Shanaynay is insulting her. Shanaynay tells them that "faggot" is just his name, and the gay guys are relieved, saying: "Oh."

Shane tells Shanaynay he's leaving, because he thinks it isn't going to work out. But, Shanaynay tells him something. "Listen. I know I'm not your dream girl or nothing, you know, I know you was expecting somebody with nice jewellery and nice clothes and fancy hair and lots of money, and I don't really have any of that, but... I have a lot of love, and a big heart, you know. And you're the first guy that hasn't walked out on me thirty seconds I got here. Don't give up on me like everybody else. Please."

Shane seems to be touched by what she said. When the server returns, he asks: "So, have you and your beast decided on a meal or was she just be dining on her own feces?" Shanaynay, just after she let her true story go, is very disappointed by the way the server describes her. However, Shane gets angry at the server: "Whowow, don't talk about her like that alright? And she's not a beast. Her name is Shanana... Shanaynay, and she has a big heart. Something a prick like you wouldn't understand. We're leaving. We're gonna get some nachos and chili fries. So go get the check, so I can take a shit on it".

Shanaynay thanks Shane for doing so, but the server seems enraged. When Shane wants to leave, Shanaynay asks if he is ready to get a blowjob in the car. Shane tells her to get it a little more slowly. Shanaynay says she will just give him a hansie. The gay guys find it very cute what just happened, however they don't know what a hansie is. One of them thinks it's "a high five for your balls".

After the video, Shane asks everybody to give a comment or video response about their New Year's resolutions. He for example says that you might want to lose some weight, or have less sex. He then says: "Grandma...", pointing out that his grandma has sex too much.


  • The restaurant Shane's at is actually called "Junior Poon", however it is located in the UK.
  • Shane seems to meet Shanaynay for the first time, however they have met many times before, the first meeting being in Why Was I Born?.
  • Shanaynay says: "I can't type with those nails" and she shows them, however it are just normal nails.
  • The two gay guys actually not sit at the table - they sit behind the table, because the table is just an image.