Shananay Yaw Jones
General Information
Full name: Shananay Yaw Jones
Gender: Female
Birth date: March 31, 2007
Birth place: San Francisco, California, USA
Skin color: Fair.
Hair color: Blonde with Orange Highlights
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
Occupation(s): unknown
Relative(s): Mother, Sister (Hodini)
Date(s): S-deezy, Shane Dawson
Friend(s): Rhonda and blackasshit
Partner(s): Shane Dawson/Joey Graceffa/blackasshit
Pet(s): Ferret
R. Kelly (dog)
Video Information
First appearance: Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell
Appeared on / at: August 2008
Latest appearance: "IT GETS WORSE" - SHORT FILMP

Shanaynay, real name Linda Johnson, is an extremely vulgar and ghetto white-girl, who is in fact very racist although she thinks of herself as black but "light skinned". Shanaynay first appeared in Shane's videos in the summer of 2008 and is still appearing in some recent ones. She is said to have relationships with both Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa. Although she claims to have multiple sex partners, she forgets their names along with other vital characteristics. Deep down, Shanaynay has a good heart. She won America's Next Top Model by shooting Tyra Banks in the head.

General Information
Full name: Shananay
Gender: Female
Skin color: Not light-skinned
Hair color: Blonde, Orange Highlights
Personal Information
Occupation(s): Variously
Relative(s): Father
8 brothers
10 children
3 cousins
Date(s): Shane
Friend(s): Rhonda
Pet(s): Ferret
R. Kelly (dog)
Video Information
First appearance: Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell
Appeared on / at: August 2008
Latest appearance: Harry Potter's Over

Shanaynay is a recurring character in the ShaneDawsonTV videos. She made her debut in Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell, in which she was a CraigDonald's assistant.


Shananay has, just like the other recurring characters, maintained the same clothing style in all of Shane's videos. However, in some videos, she has a different appearance.


Shananay has blonde hair with an orange stripe in it. In some videos, there are several black stripes in it, too. In Flaws, Shananay revealed this is actually fake hair, because her real hair looks like her "secret garden". Aunt Hilda mentioned her wig as well in Blow Up Doll For Dinner.

In Shananay's Idol, it was revealed that Shananay has blond public hair, so it can be assumed that her real hair color is blond, too. Her hair regularly lays on her left shoulder, however, in older videos like Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell and Who Are We?, her hair is on her right shoulder.

Shananay has always had a third eyebrow, or that's what she likes to call it. It's a triangular, "sarcastic" eyebrow. In Flaws, she revealed that it is not a real eyebrow but she creates on which mascara. It should also be noted that in Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell and Who Are We?, she has two sarcastic eyebrows, giving a total of four.

Make-up and adornmentEdit

Just like Hodini, she's wearing a blue bandanna and has bright, red lipstick. This lipstick is pink in older videos and sometimes, she wears no lipstick at all, although probably not intended. She wears a pearl necklace, and in the newer episodes, she seems to wear a smaller, second one as well. Shananay seems to have very long artificial nails, as mentioned in Shananay's Idol and Sexy Blind Date, however even in these videos, the nails are not "visible".


Shananay often wears a red shirt with a denim jacket on top of it. However, she seems to buy new denim jackets over time, because she both has a lighter and a darker denim jacket, for example as seen in Does Size Matter?. In Love Game, she's seen wearing a white shirt with a dark denim jacket, as well as another necklace, with rubies and emeralds included. Shananay had various jobs and it can therefore be assumed that she was wearing uniforms sometimes, for example in Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell, where she was wearing a gray shirt and a white jacket and in The Christmas Wrapper, where she was wearing a red jacket. In Who Are We? however she was not working, but had her clothes drastically changed, wearing a white shirt and a color-striped dress. She has a 1 and only one huge eye brow!!!!

Shananay often wears plain black pants and guy sneakers, as seen in Ghetto Prom From Hell.

In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she revealed that her clothes are from her dead sister, who got her neck slit during a knife fight with her boyfriend. She says that some of the clothes got blood on it, but are still cute. It can be concluded that Shanaynay never really washes her clothes.


In DMV, Shananay revealed that she's not light-skinned and thus has interracial ancestry.

In Flaws, she said to have contacts.

In Blow Up Doll For Dinner?, she revealed to have a hole in her arm and her head.

Personal lifeEdit

Shananay is an ill mannered person, being very rude and loud. She very often uses words like "shit", "fuck" and "ass". Shananay can react very outrageous, even if people irritate her the slightest. Several videos she appears in have "ghetto" in their titles, referring to Shananay's origin, because African American people are known to live in ghettos. In The Christmas Wrapper, her manager says that he'll send her back to "her homeboys and homewomen in the ghetto". In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, Shananay says her house smells, just like a rotting asshole.

She had poor parenting. In Sexy Blind Date, she doesn't know anything about valets or delicacies and asks for a Capri Sun, Yoohoo and nachos in a four star restaurant.

Shananay often considers people as being racist, however she herself seems to be biased against "Mexican people", who she calls dirty and nasty.

She wants to become famous, as revealed in Who Are We?, and in 911, she said she wanted to be starred on Oprah for saving a life. In Shanaynay's Idol, she actually auditioned in front of the American Idol jury, however the jury didn't like her and Shananay shot them all to death. In Sexy Blind Date, she even tells Shane that she's an actor. This could be a lie because Shane says he's an actor and Shananay might wanted to joke with him, or she actually did become an actor by then.

She dislikes Harry Potter, as revealed in her music video Harry Potter's Over.

Criminality and murderingEdit

In DMV, Shananay has committed a crime prior to the video. She refers to this in The Christmas Wrapper, saying that she's an "ex-convict". During the driver's exam in DMV, she committed another crime, robbing a 7-Eleven store. In The Christmas Wrapper, Shanaynay tried to kill her manager with scissors, but she fails.

In Fred Is Dead!, she tried to kill Fred but failed because Fred said "he'll never die".


In DMV, Shananay revealed to be 75% clean, which means she has several STDs. In Flaws, she revealed to have rash on her "secret garden" since around 2005, which is probably due to her STDs. In The Christmas Wrapper, she says that she's HIV-positive and she also mentions to use dildos. In Shananay's Idol, she also revealed to not do anal sex: "Ain't no one travelling up my dirt road, hell no".

In Sexy Blind Date, she was on a date with Shane and wanted to give him a blowjob in the car on their first date.


In DMV, Shananay admitted to use drugs with her girlfriend Rhonda, because she thought to see an octopus. In Who Are We?, she said to use LSD, weed, speed and XTC. In 911, she also said to have used drugs and alcohol with other 911 responders. In The Christmas Wrapper, she said to be a former drug-addict, however a second later, she also said to be addicted to heroin.


In The Waitress, Shananay revealed to be Christian and even being able to talk with God. In Why Was I Born?, Shananay somehow was God's helper: an angel with black wings and a white outfit. She called herself the "The Ghost of Ghetto's Past". She even had magical powers to teleport through time and space.

In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she says to believe that God makes people different for a reason.

Family and petsEdit

In The Waitress, Shananay revealed to have ten children, three cousins and eight brothers that she has to feed. She also said to have a ferret. She also talked to her mom on the phone, who was in the house of a strange man.

In Sexy Blind Date, she has a dog in her purse who she calls R. Kelly, because he likes to piss on everything.


In Sexy Blind Date, Shananay has a blind date with Shane. However, they act like they have never met each other before, but they met several times, the first time being in Why Was I Born?. Shananay seems to like Shane a lot even though she often calls him a faggot. She also says that most guys walk away from her after thirty seconds because she has no manners. In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she even revealed that one of her ex-boyfriends' family started shooting at her.

She revealed her weakness for Shane in The Waitress, where she told him that he has "a sexy ass".


Shananay actually seems to have emotions, first revealed in Why Was I Born? when she started to cry. "Ooh, I am getting emotional. And I'm on my period so I am getting REAL emotional."

In Sexy Blind Date, during her date with Shane, she tells him: "I know I'm not your dream girl, I know you was expecting somebody with nice jewellery and nice clothes and fancy hair and lots of money, and I don't really have any of that, but... I have a lot of love, and a big heart. And you're the first guy that hasn't walked out on me thirty seconds after I got here. Don't give up on me like everybody else. Please."

In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she sticks up for Rod Dawson because Shane's Mom calls him a faggot. She says: "Don't be ashamed of who you are, OK? God made you different for a reason and I know it's hard, but believe me. It gets easier, you'll meet people that love you for you".


Most notably is that Shananay has a different job every video. Because she is rude and loud to customers, she gets fired after several days, but still manages to get to work somewhere else. In The Waitress, she reveals that she continues working because she has to feed her relatives.

In her first video, she worked as a drive-through operator at CraigDonald's. In 911, she tells her girlfriend she stopped working there because she got paid minimum wage. Then she started working as a driver's instructor in DMV, even with the qualification to give away driver's licenses.

In The Waitress, she works in a Chinese restaurant as both the waitress and the manager.

In 911, she works as a 911 responder. She likely got fired there because she used the ambulances as bumper cars.

In Fred Is Dead!, she worked for Shane Dawson as an assassin to kill Fred.

In The Christmas Wrapper, she worked as a presents wrapper in the local mall. Her manager has been seen yelling at her and Shananay almost killed him with scissors.


The following is a list of videos Shananay had a main role in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
7 GHETTO DRIVETHRU 01 Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell
First appearance
Occupation: Drive-Through Operator
8 DMV 01 DMV
August 6, 2008
Occupation: Driver's Instructor YouTube
10 911 01 911
August 20, 2008
Occupation: 911 responder YouTube
12 WHYWASIBORN 01 Why Was I Born?
September 7, 2008
Occupation: Angel YouTube
13 FREDISDEAD 01 Fred Is Dead!
12 September 2008
Occupation: Assassin YouTube
20 THECHRISTMASWRAPPER 01 The Christmas Wrapper
December 4, 2008
Occupation: Christmas presents wrapper YouTube
26 SHANAYNAYSIDOL 01 Shanaynay's Idol
January 24, 2009
Shanaynay auditions in front of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson YouTube
n.a. THEWAITRESS 01 The Waitress
Occupation: Waitress and Manager YouTube
 ? SEXYBLINDDATE 01 Sexy Blind Date
January 2, 2010
On a blind date with Shane YouTube
 ? BLOWUPDOLLFORDINNER 01 Blow Up Doll For Dinner
January 16, 2010
Meeting Shane's family YouTube
 ? HARRYPOTTERSOVER 01 Harry Potter's Over
Song about how much she hates Harry Potter YouTube

The following is a list of videos Shananay had a minor role in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
9 WHOAREWE 01 Who Are We?
August 13, 2008
Describing herself YouTube
16 FLAWS 01 Flaws
November 4, 2008
Describing her flaws YouTube