Shane's Grandmother
Shane Grandma
General Information
Full name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Hair color: Gray
Relative(s): Shane (grandson)
Video Information
First appearance: Flaws
Appeared on / at: November 4, 2008

Shane's Grandmother was starred on the ShaneDawsonTV video Flaws. She had her own YouTube channel called 420granny.


In Flaws, Shane's Grandmother had short, gray hair. She wore a blouse with purple, green and white on it. Her earrings matched her blouse, being purple and white, too.


In Flaws, Shane's Grandmother continued insulting Shane, saying his hair, his clothes and his teeth are ugly. He also tells him that he looks gay.


The following is a list of videos Shane's Grandmother made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
16 FLAWS 01 Flaws
November 4, 2008