Shane's Mom
General Information
Full name: Mrs. Dawson
Gender: Female
Birth date: Unknown (older than 60)
Skin color: White
Hair color: Red
Relative(s): Father
Hilda Goldstein (sister)
Shane (son)
Rod (son)
Video Information
First appearance: E
Appeared on / at: August 2008
Latest appearance: Family Drama

Shane's Mom, also known as Mrs. Dawson, is a recurring character in the ShaneDawsonTV videos. She made her debut in E, in which she was E.


Shane's Mom wears a red bathrobe and a red shirt. She has bright red lipstick and red hair with a purple-pink night mask.

Personal lifeEdit

Shane's Mom is extremely rude, loud and vulgar. She has no manners and for example douches at the table in Blow Up Doll For Dinner.

Weirdly enough, in Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she is rubbing Shanaynay's leg, so she might be bisexual.

Family and petsEdit

In School Dance Disaster, her sister Hilda explained that their father is dead, because their mother killed their father: she stabbed their father in the face, chopped of his balls and then threw him in a wood chipper. Hilda says she was 5 when he died. Hilda was 65 in the video, which means Shane's Mom is at least 60 years old.


She calls her son Shane gay whenever she can.

She also accuses her other son, Rod Dawson, of being gay. In Blow Up Doll For Dinner, she constantly tells him how he talked to naked old man on Skype and watch gay men blowing each other through holes in the walls. She calls him faggot, as well as Tokio Motel because he's an emo. However, in the same video, Shanaynay wants her to calm down and be nicer to him, or else nobody will love her and she will become a "old ass lonely drunk bitch". Shane's Mom tells Rod that she loves him and surprisingly, Rod tells her he loves her, too.

Alcohol abuseEdit

Just like Aunt Hilda, Shane's Mom is known to have an alcohol problem, which might be due to her father dying early. In School Dance Disaster for example, she asked Shane to buy her a forty because she "might get carded".

Also in her bit on Shane and Friends, she is typically seen holding a vodka bottle and having a shelf behind her FULL of beer bottles.


The following is a list of videos Shane's Mom had a role in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
 ? BLOWUPDOLLFORDINNER 01 Blow Up Doll For Dinner
January 16, 2010
 ? SCHOOLDANCEDISASTER 01 School Dance Disaster
July 3, 2010


  • Shane's Mom had a price tag in her hair for a long time.
  • In School Dance Disaster, it was revealed that she has an iPhone 4, however she also breaks it during that video because she's mad at Shane.