General Information
Full name: Shane Dawson
Gender: Male
Birth date: July 19, 1988
Birth place: Long Beach, California
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
Occupation(s): School
Relative(s): Father
Rod (brother)
Little niece
Video Information
First appearance: Unknown
Appeared on / at: Unknown
Latest appearance: Interactive Final Destination Spoof

Shane Dawson is a recurring character in the YouTube series created and played by himself. The first ever video Shane appeared in was never uploaded on his main channel, but he showed it on his second channel in My First Vid Ever! It should be noted though that these are actually random vlogs and not sketches, therefore his Shane character doesn't appear in it, just "himself". His Shane character officially appeared the first time in Kermit The Frog & Me.

Appearance Edit

Shane usually wears normal boy clothes, for example just a single shirt or blouse. He often used to wear a waistcoat in the older videos, sometimes with a tie under it.

Character Edit

Shane usually tries to be a plain, normal guy.

Most people think he is gay. For example in DMV, Shanaynay, his driver's instructor, asked him if he was gay because he had "pretty hair". In Why Was I Born?, when Shane is talking about a guy, Shanaynay asks if he's talking about his boyfriend. In Flaws, even Shane's grandma thinks he's gay, saying: "There's something on your face: gay!"

He always reacts with: "I'm not gay!" and in Pickup Lines, he even tries to impress a woman.

In DMV, the Shane character obtained his driver's license. He also revealed that he once hit a pedestrian.

Just like Shane himself, he probably wants to be an actor, as he is doing an audition in Who Are We?.

In Pranks Gone Wrong!, he raped and videotaped his friend SwiftKarateChop as a part of their prank duel. However, he then gets killed by his friend.

Family and pets Edit

Shane's mother and brother officialy made their first appearance in Why Was I Born?. However, Rod already appeared in Who Are We?. In that video, he revealed to cut himself because his father used to call him a mistake. This is a reference to father Dawson, who, just like in Shane's real life, left the family.

In The Christmas Wrapper, he bought a toy for his little niece.

Jim Makkenrole Edit

Strangely, his Shane character was called Jim Makkenrole in several, older videos. A reason for this is unknown, but Shane probably didn't want to use his real name in the videos. Because his mother appeared in Why Was I Born?, it is hardly impossible that Jim and Shane are different persons, because Shane's Mom revealed to have only two sons, the other being Rod.

In Phone Sex, Shane uses the name Jim while he's on the phone, so people won't found out that it was him calling.

However, starting the video called 911, Shane used Jim Makkenrole as his real name. The following is a list of videos, in which Shane used the name Jim as his official name.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
10 911 01 911
August 20, 2008
12 WHYWASIBORN 01 Why Was I Born?
September 7, 2008