General Information
Full name: Shorty
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Personal Information
Occupation(s): Unknown
Video Information
First appearance: Hodini's Street Magic
Appeared on / at: June 25, 2008

Shorty is a character in the ShaneDawsonTV videos. He made his debut in Hodini's Street Magic, in which he let Hodini perform a street magic trick on him, which actually was a trick to steal his glasses and golden medal. He later appeared in The Christmas Wrapper.


In Hodini's Street Magic, Shorty wears a black shirt with a "X" symbol and a golden medal around his neck. He also wears a black-gray knitted cap and gold-and-black glasses.

In The Christmas Wrapper, he still wears the knitted cap, but he now wears a red shirt and a black jacket, probably because it's winter.


Shorty 02

Shorty in The Christmas Wrapper

In both videos, Shorty only appeared for a short time, but he seems to be a stereotypical "gangster", being very confident and trying to act cool and relaxed.

However, in The Christmas Wrapper, he wanted his present to be wrapped but when he heard Shanaynay saying she is a "ex-convict former drug-addict prostitute heroin addicted HIV-positive bitch", he left, so he might be actually afraid of her.


The following is a list of videos Shorty made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
1 HODINI STREET MAGIC 01 Hodini's Street Magic
June 25, 2008
20 THECHRISTMASWRAPPER 01 The Christmas Wrapper
December 4, 2008