Simon Cowell
General Information
Full name: Simon Cowell
Gender: Male
Birth date: October 7, 1959
Birth place: Lambeth, London
Died at: January 24, 2008 (aged 49)
Killed by: Shanaynay
Skin color: White
Hair color: Black
Personal Information
Occupation(s): American Idol jury
Video Information
First appearance: Shanaynay's Idol
Appeared on / at: January 24, 2008

Simon Cowell was a character in the YouTube series, portrayed by Shane Dawson. He was based on the real Simon Cowell. He appeared in the video Shanaynay's Idol, where he was one of the judges during Shanaynay's audition, but he also got killed in the video.


In Shanaynay's Idol, Cowell was wearing a black shirt, has short, black hair and also long, thick and black chest hair.


Cowell often touches his chest hair. He also speaks with an English accent. He mispronounces "Shanaynay" as "Shanana".

Cowell is also known for being very directly to the auditioners. In Shanaynay's Idol, he said Shanaynay's audition was "like somebody took Miley Cyrus' mouth and opened it all the way, and then fucked it with a jagged butcher knife, so all the blood is rushing out and she's trying to sing a song, and then Tommy Lee walks in, and wraps it's 12 inch penis around the throat and gags her until she passes out". Shanaynay verifies if that means he liked it, however after that, Cowell said: "Shanaynay, I would rather have Oprah Winfrey masturbate onto my face, while Gayle is tickling her asshole".

When Shanaynay had shot Paula to death, Cowell said Shanaynay's going to Hollywood for doing so, which means that Cowell hated Paula.

During the audition, Cowell got killed by Shanaynay because of her clumsiness.


The following is a list of videos Simon Cowell made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
26 SHANAYNAYSIDOL 01 Shanaynay's Idol
January 24, 2009


  • Simon Cowell's shirt is inside out.