General Information
Full name: Matthew Brown
Gender: Male
Birth date: Unknown (age 21)
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Friend(s): Shane
Video Information
First appearance: Pranks Gone Wrong!
Appeared on / at: September 25, 2008
Latest appearance: Unknown

SwiftKarateChop (full name Matthew Brown) is a recurring character in the ShaneDawsonTV videos. Brown made his debut in Pranks Gone Wrong!. Just like Shane Dawson, he has its own YouTube channel called SwiftKarateChop.


In Pranks Gone Wrong!, SwiftKarateChop was wearing a white T-shirt with a black vest. His vest has an image of a Blooper, which are enemies in the Mario series. He has long, dark-brown hair with a fringe, as well as grown facial hair.

In his own newer videos, SwiftKarateChop no longer has his hair on his forehead, but more upwards.He has two eyes, believe it or not. His hair also seems to be lighter and he less often has facial hair in his newer videos.


In Pranks Gone Wrong!, SwiftKarateChop were in a continuous duel of pranks. He's obsessed with it and tries to prank Shane back everytime. At the end of the video he eventually shoots Shane, resulting in Shane's death.

A lot of people, for example his mom and his sister, think he's retarded and insane. They for example hide the Windex from him because he might think it's Gatorade.


The following is a list of videos SwiftKarateChop made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
14 PRANKSGONEWRONG 01 Pranks Gone Wrong!
September 25, 2008
First appearance YouTube