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The Waitress
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General Information
Title: The Waitress
Uploaded on: Unknown
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shane
Chinese girl
Man in the wheelchair
Fu King customer
Video Information
Channel: Shane's website
Episode No.: n.a.
Amount of views: n.a.
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The Waitress is a video on that never appeared ShaneDawsonTV, but only on Shane's website. When Shane changed his website, the video got lost but was reuploaded by other people. In the video, Shanaynay works at a Chinese restaurant called "Fu King".


Shanaynay is working as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant called Fu King, a pun on the word "fucking". When her mother calls, she tells her that "she's not busy, just at work". Shanaynay's mother tells that she's with a man that's trying to film her in his house, on which Shanaynay replies: "he told you you were going to watch TV and eat dinner, not make a movie and eat you". She also says: "you ain't no Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton bitch, you classy!"

She asks Shane to order something, but he says he's not hungry. Shanaynay says the food is good, except if you visit on Saturdays, because a Mexican called "Larry the Foul Immigration" is working then. She then says how everybody in the restaurant strives for equal opportunity: "no discrimination". However, a man in a wheelchair enters the restaurant, asking for an application. Shanaynay tells him: "This ain't no 1950's rollerdisco, boo boo. We can't have you roll around, breaking bitches' toes. I'm sorry, you'll have to leave, hot wheels".

Shane tells it's horrible what Shanaynay's doing and she replies: "I know, some people just don't know where they belong". Shane tells Shanaynay she's sick and he says he's leaving. Shanaynay says: "Well, fine then. Walk yo... sexy ass out", signifying she has an eye on Shane.

Another customer appears, which is a Chinese girl played by Brittani. When she tries to get Shanaynay's attention by saying: "Excuse me?", Shanaynay says: "Oh, did you fart?" She then says how she farted in the kitchen and locked all the doors and service windows. She also says how the people who work in the kitchen are from Mexico, while the restaurant is Chinese.

The Chinese girl asks Shanaynay if she has something for her daughter, who is allergic to almost everything. Shanaynay sarcastically replies with "Oh, sure, we've got some good-ass water".

The Chinese girl and her daughter, played by Britanni in The Waitress

The Chinese girl then wants to order something vegan, on which Shanaynay replies: "What the fuck do I look like, Trader Hoe's? I ain't got any of that nasty uncooked bullshit." Trader Hoe's is a pun on "Trader Joe's". The Chinese girl leaves, saying that "this is seriously messing with my chi".

Another man then says that his noodles' taste is funny, but that's because Shanaynay's band-aid fell into the soup. When the man finds the band-aid, Shanaynay replies: "Damn, Criss Angel, just whip this shit out of nowhere!" Shanaynay asks if the man wants a free desert, a Ho-Ho. However, the Ho-Ho seems to be six years old.

The man yells: "This is the worst restaurant I've been to in my entire life". He also says he once found a pubic hair in his pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's, on which Shanaynay replies she used to work there as a Entertainer in a mouse costume.

The man says Shanaynay needs help, and Shanaynay says: "You know what? I will hold back right now, I will let Jesus hold me back right now because I can not lose my job again. I have ten kids, three cousins, eight brothers and a ferret to feed".

When the man wan

The customer in The Waitress

ts to speak the manager, Shanaynay reveals that she's actually the manager as well, even though she only works in the restaurant for three days now. The old manager shot himself in the head, because the police found prostitutes in the back of the restaurant that had fingerprints of the manager on it.

The man wants to speak to anyone "higher up", not knowing that Shanaynay has a connection with God. When Shanaynay tells God she has a problem, God sets the man on fire.


  • Shanaynay said that a finger on her right hand hurt because she cut it yesterday. However, when Shanaynay gets her band-aid back, she puts it on her left hand.
  • Extra blooper videos of this video have reuploaded on YouTube by other people as well.
  • There is an actual Chinese restaurant called Fu King. It is located in Lake City, Florida.