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Who Are We?
Who Are We? screenshot
General Information
Title: Who Are We?
Uploaded on: August 13, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shane
Audition employer
Ned the Nerd
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 9
Amount of views: 3,496,887
As of: July 19, 2011
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Who Are We? is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on August 13, 2008. In it, Shane is going to an audition, where he comes to the conclusion that he is unable to describe himself in one sentence.


Shane is extremely nervous because he's about to do an audition. When Shane walks in, the audition employer loudly screams: "Virginia!", on which Shane replied: "Oh no no, actually it's Shane". It then turns out that Virginia is the audition employer's assistant and has to bring some coffee to her, because she's very tired.

The employer tells Shane to sit. However, when Shane's about to take a seat on the chair, she tells Shane to just sit on the floor. The employer warns Shane to watch out for her cat Liberace, who has been "spraying his juice all over the floor".

She then tells Shane that he's kind of cute and looks like a Jonas Brother, "except less gay".

The employer wants Shane to tell something about himself in one sentence because she's very busy. She reveals to have a mammogram at 3:30 and a "pussy wax" at 4:00.

Shane however can't describe "who he is". He then says that there are so many who can describe themselves very easily and more characters show up.

The first person to show up is Shanaynay. She reveals to be addicted to LSD, weed, speed and XTC, but "ain't obsessed". She wants to be famous when she grows up, "kinda like Queen Latifah", but Shanaynay thinks Queen Latifah might be a lesbian.

Then another character shows up, which possibly is S-Deezy but without a mustache. He says to be an "entrepeneur, producing and selling lettuce", but actually just reveals to be a drug dealer.

The next person is Ned the Nerd, however it wears different glasses. He says that he loves to masturbate. He also says to be a "ladies-man" because he hangs out with his mother and grandmother.

Kirk is called "Kiwi" by his friends. He resembles a gay person. He says to love musicals and then starts singing a song from Wicked. Besides going to Pinkberry, he loves to dance.

The next guy is Randis, "a normal middle-aged guy from Wisconsin". He likes to hang out with his kids, but then he starts scolding around, most probably referring to a Tourette syndrome. It's shown that he has a baby from three months old, on whom he starts to scold at as well. He also says to like juggling, but then starts juggling with the baby. He used to have three children, however "Little Timmy" drowned during a hold-your-breath contest.

Then an emo-styled guy appears. In Why Was I Born?, it was revealed that this emo kid is actually Rod Dawson, Shane's fictional brother. Rod likes who writes poetry, in which he reveals that his dad called him a "mistake" and that he therefore started cutting himself. His favorite colors are blue and red, because it are the colors blood can have.

At the end of the video, Shane wants his viewers to comment "who you are, what you like, what you're about and what you want to be when you grow up" in one sentence.

Shane says his reason to be "here", is to create videos, so people can forget about "their life" while they watch his videos.


  • When the audition employer tells Shane to have a seat, Shane actually is about to sit in the chair the employer's sitting on.
  • Shanaynay is wearing a very different costume for unknown reasons.
  • Shanaynay's hair is on the wrong side, laying on her right shoulder instead of her left.