Why Was I Born?
General Information
Title: Why Was I Born?
Uploaded on: September 7, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Jim
Jim's Mom
Jim's Boss
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 12
Amount of views: 2,074,934
As of: July 19, 2011
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Why Was I Born? is a video on Shane Dawson TV, uploaded on September 7, 2008. In it, Jim finds out that his mother, brother and boss don't seem to care about him at all. When Shanaynay appears, she shows him the life his mother, brother and boss would have when Jim didn't exist. Strangely, they all seemed to be even more happy. However, one little boy named Roby would have been dead if Jim wasn't there to play with him, because Roby doesn't have any other friends. Jim then finds out that there are always things in life that you exist for, and then starts playing a ball game with Roby.


When Jim's in the bathroom to brush his teeth, his mother knocks on the door, saying: "If you were never born, I would have been the biggest porn... I mean, movie star ever! I wouldn't been living in this shithole, I'd have been throwing my money around in a mansion". She then tells him to feed the cat.

However, Jim has to go to work and asks his brother Rod if he can feed the cat, but Rod says: "I'm busy! If you weren't interrupting me every second I would be a guitar god!" Rod is actually just playing Guitar Hero.

When Jim walks out, his eyes fall on a little boy whose name is Roby. When Jim asks where his friends are, Roby says he doesn't have any. Jim then promises him to come by after work to play a ball game.

When Jim arrives late at work, his hairy, French boss tells him that if he's late one more time, he'll have to shave his back.

Jim returns home and gets back in his bed, asking himself: "Why was I even born?" Then Shanaynay shows up, saying: "I am here to show you what your life would have been like if you was never born". Shanaynay explains she's "The Ghost of Ghetto's Past".

Shanaynay then magically teleports Jim and her to another space, which shows Jim's mom's life if Jim was never born. In fact, she indeed became a very rich porn star.

Jim and Shanaynay then teleport to Rod's room and, to their amazement, he indeed became a guitar god.

Jim's boss remained the same, being "still an asshole".

Shanaynay says this is not the way she thought it would work out, because the people seem happy without Jim. She suggests him to just kill himself.

Shanaynay then says it's "time to go", unknown whether she means it's time to return to the real world, or it's actually time to die. When she snaps her fingers however, they are at the cemetary and Shanaynay has no idea why. Shanaynay gets very scared because, even though she's a ghost, on this cemetary, they "will kill your ass again".

Jim actually finds out that he's standing on Roby's graveyard, concluding that Roby would've died if Jim wasn't there to play with him. When Jim says: "Roby... Why do I know that name?", Shanaynay replies with: "Oh, is that one of your boyfriends, Jim?"

Jim then says: "Roby.. That little boy I was going to play with?!", with Shanaynay reacting: "Wow Michael Jackson, what the fuck you talking about?", referring to Michael Jackson's child sexual abuse scandals. When Jim keeps on talking about Roby, Shanaynay remembers the story, saying that "[the story] wasn't [clear] before, because I was doing some angel dust with my girl Rhonda up in the sky, but now it's coming back to me".

Shanaynay explains that, in the world where Jim doesn't exist, Roby's mother invited Roby's whole class to his 16th birthday, but nobody showed up. That night, Roby didn't want to be around anymore.

Jim then wishes to get back to the real world. He then searches for Roby and invites him to play a game with him.

Shanaynay magically appears behind a tree, eating a hotdog. She finds a pubic hair in it, though.


  • At the cemetary, Shanaynay's lipstick is missing and her third eyebrow is at the wrong side.