Yo Momma YouTube Battle
General Information
Title: Yo Momma YouTube Battle
Uploaded on: July 16, 2008
Episode type: Video Blog
Characters: S-Deezy
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 4
Amount of views: 2,973,791
As of: July 18, 2011
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Yo Momma YouTube Battle is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, created and uploaded on July 16, 2008, which is actually two days before Shane Dawson's birthday. In it, Shane wants everybody to comment or give a video response with a joke that starts with "Yo momma...". He calls this the "Yo Momma YouTube Battle 2008".


First, Shane is shown dancing around on the song called Without Me by Eminem. He then announces that he's very excited because his birthday is in two days, and also because it's Wednesday, "the middle of the week".

He then says to have two reasons for creating this video blog, the first one being his new cohost, which is actually his new cat called Muffins. The other new costar is another cat called Snoop.

He also says that he has seen a "hater video" by a guy named "Coin Toss". The guy was talking hatefully about the YouTuber called TheOriginalTyler.

Because of this, Shane wants to create a big "YouTube battle" in which everybody has to post comments starting with "Yo momma..." He officially calls it the "Yo Momma YouTube Battle 2008".

As a kind of predecessor to Shane's newer video called Pickup Lines, a character with a blue jacket and a cap starts telling different pickup lines that all start with "Yo momma..." as well.

Yo Momma YouTube Battle! screenshot of, most probably, S-Deezy

Because this outfit was reused in Pickup Lines and Who Are We?, it can be concluded that this is the first appearance of S-Deezy.


  • Shane reveals he's not a vegetarian.